Osmond Chiu

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LabourList (26 November 2010). There’s no Australian evidence that AV leads to a lower turnout

Media and Interviews

Anthony Galloway (13 April 2020). Anti-Chinese racism hinders efforts to counter foreign interference: Paterson. Sydney Morning Herald

Nick Bonyhady (11 April 2021). Wrestling with free speech, racism and China on university campuses. Sydney Morning Herald

D'oh Kapital (17 March 2021). Episode 9 - Aaaand we're back (w/ guest Osmond Chiu).

Naaman Zhou (4 March 2021). Death threats, distrust and racism: how anti-Chinese sentiment in Australia 'seeped into the mainstream'. Guardian Australia

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Ahmed Yussuf (13 November 2020). Asian Australian group calls on the government to condemn Senator Eric Abetz. The Feed SBS

Samuel Yang (13 November 2020). Petition with 25,000 signatures calling on Prime Minister to condemn Eric Abetz delivered to Scott Morrison. ABC News

Q&A (9 November 2020). Politicians, Presidents and the Palace. ABC TV

Tom Ballard (30 October 2020). Like I'm A Six Year Old

John Power (29 October 2020). Canberra’s top foreign affairs bureaucrat accuses China of seeking to stoke ethnic divisions in Australia. South China Morning Post

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Triple R - 102.7FM (23 October 2019). The Rap

Claire Capel-Stanley (19 June 2019). Clock ticking, climate policy awaits a reboot. Green New Deal, or pipe dream?, The Citizen

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Tally Room (9 August 2018). Podcast #5 – Voter representation choices and Gilmore

RN Drive (30 April 2018). Does Australian parliament need a diversity quota? ABC Radio National

Rosanna Ryan and Alex McClintock (6 November 2017). 100 years after the Russian Revolution, what do millennials see in socialism? RN

Previous Events

Migrant Workers Conference 2020: Pandemic, Recession and Social Safety Nets (23 November 2020), Session 1: Surviving the Pandemic

Deakin Human Rights and Refugees Society (14 August 2020), Racism in Modern Australia

The Economic and Labour Relations Review (12 June 2020), Green New Deals? The role of and limitations on the Commonwealth Government in an Australian Green New Deal, Green New Deal Special Issue – Digital Workshop

Australian Communities Foundation (27 March 2020), Tackling Inequality Learning Circle - China: Power, Human Rights and Racism in Australia

NSW Fabians (13 February 2020), A Green New Deal for Australia?

Australia-China Relations Institute, University of Technology Sydney (4 February 2020), Australia China Relations: The State of Play

Chifley Research Centre (8 December 2019). 'Inclusive Patriotism', Towards 2022: Ideas for Labor and Australia

Sydney Young Labor (20 October 2019). Green New Deal Panel: Climate Struggle and the Labour Movement

16th Biennial Conference of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History (4 October 2019). “Show and Tell”: A short history of the ACT Left Caucus

Committee for the Economic Development of Australia [South Australia] (6 May 2019) Artificial intelligence and ethics: the future of work

GetUp! (17 November 2018). Future To Fight For

Australia Institute (17 October 2018). 2018 Revenue Summit - Panel #2: Options for increasing Revenue

Australian Human Rights Commission (12 June 2018). National Forum on Racial Tolerance and Community Harmony

Sydney Ideas (27 November 2017). Digital Rights: what are they, and why do we need them?